Scale XL: Client Relationships at Scale

Too many B2B software and consulting businesses struggle to get enough qualified sales opportunities in their niche.

Yours doesn’t have to.

When niche B2B software and consulting business owners tell me about their lead generation problems, the same issues come up again and again: 

“ We’re not reaching actual decision makers at companies in our target market – just people with no real authority...”

“ We spent a lot of time reaching out to contacts across various channels, and some were ‘interested’ but hardly any were looking to buy...”

“ People aren’t responding to our outreach. And when they do, they don’t reply to our follow ups.”

I hear so much frustration – because these are smart, seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs who’ve devoted years of their lives to their businesses.

Driven by a passion for their work, they’ve made sacrifices to get this far. They believed when others doubted. They persevered when the going got tough.

And they know that when they DO meet with the right people who are in the market, they can win important deals...

But getting connected to enough of the right qualified sales opportunities seems to be the main problem.

A problem that "lead generation" doesn't really solve. In fact, much of what is being done in the name of lead generation can easily hurt your brand. 

That is because the products and services that solve complex business problems (such as consulting or niche B2B software) fall into the category of credence goods

Products that are sold based on trust

And nothing erodes the potential client's trust as fast as spammy, unsolicited outreach (via email, LinkedIn or phone). Or worse yet, manipulative marketing techniques sold to you by self-proclaimed experts invading your Facebook feed with their silver-bullet "systems". 

It can be a slow and expensive process to build trusting relationships with the right people: the ones with decision-making and budget authority.

niche B2B businesses are regularly starting conversations with their ideal clients and turning them into deals or projects... 

While others are still stuck using trial & error, or wasting their valuable time and resources on ineffective numbers game that damages their reputation in the long term. 

As the founder of Scale XL, I’ve had a privilege to work with over a hundred B2B niche companies on some of the biggest lead generation challenges facing our industry.

Let me get this out of the way: Scale XL is NOTa ‘silver bullet’ solution...

It takes time and expertise to implement, which is why I work closely with just a handful of clients each year. It’s not about ‘quick fixes’, it’s about working towards long term results.

It’s also not about the latest marketing tactics, ‘hacks’ or new trends...

And it’s not about spamming everyone in your industry with identical sales messages, hoping something works before they all turn their backs on you.

Scale XL is a client relationship building process for niche B2B business whose products and services are sold based on trust. 

So it’s not for everyone (much like the niche software and services my clients sell).

It’s possible this methodology can help your business too. You’ll be able to find out in just a moment.

First, a quick overview of some of the key problems I can help you solve:

My Scale XL process addresses the 4 critical challenges of client relationship building:


My goal is to help you identify and engage with more of YOUR business’ ideal potential clients, not someone else’s. 

Without realizing, businesses waste much more time with contacts who aren’t a good fit, while getting much less in return. 

I'll help you focus on the 20% of your best clients who generate 80% of results, referrals and revenue. 


The internet, and the exponential growth of tech startups and freelance workforce have created a highly competitive environment without borders. This creates two B2B challenges:
  • Battle for attention: inability to communicate the true desires and motivations of your best client results in a poorly constructed bridge between what YOU offer, and what THEY really want. Your message disappears in the background noise generated by today’s over-marketed society. 
  • Race to bottom: without a solid positioning in the marketplace, buyers will put you in a mental box with other similar vendors. Without seeing other differences between providers, the clients will focus on the price.
We’ll work together to define, create and communicate compelling messages that clearly establish your business as a natural answer to your ideal potential client’s problems.


Chasing the ‘wrong’ contacts is a frustrating waste of your resources. And so is speaking to 'tire kickers' who have no real intention to buy, and are there out of curiosity or to 'pick your brain'.

But so is pitching your prospects too early, or sending them irrelevant generic messages. 

Scale XL is about qualifying which prospects are ideal for YOUR business and which of them are ready, and then applying different processes to sales-ready leads and those that need nurturing.


Many B2B entrepreneurs feel like there are just too many options and too little time to do what needs to be done. And then, when they do make the investment, they're usually faced with low return and underwhelming results

That's why, once we start building new client relationships, I’ll help you prioritize each part of the process so it fits efficiently into your business. Then we'll measure and optimize it for even better results – from lowering customer acquisition cost to accelerating your sales pipeline.

You’ll be able to see the impact of our work right from the outset — no more wondering whether a campaign is working while you pick up the check regardless.

My aim is to empower you and your team to get consistent, predictable results on a regular basis so your company can continue using the client relationship building process we'll create, even after our work together.
Can Scale XL help your business too?

We did not really have a strategy for lead generation…

“Vlad helped us build a real lead gen strategy that worked so well, we had to adapt our processes and planning tools to catch up with sales… prospects previously needed a lot of convincing but the potential clients Vlad helped us start talking with were in the right mindset for our solutions.”

– Wouter Goris, CEO Ready2Improve

Babelway was a much better digital marketing company because of you...

“You brought in a lot... because of you, we internalised a lot of digital marketing skills. You brought in the tools, competence, knowledge, techniques to generate qualified leads.

When you came in, we were struggling to break into the US market, which was of strategic importance for Babelway. And it’s a good thing you joined then, because all the leads in the US were generated by the digital marketing exercise, at least for the first 2-3 years.”

– Francois van Uffelen, CEO Babelway

How Scale XL helps you get the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time

Marketing is really a mechanism for reaching a desired end result: building trusting relationships with qualified, sales-ready opportunities. It shouldn’t be an obsession over narrow ‘inbound’ vs ‘outbound’ tactics – it’s results that matter, not marketing trends.

There may be those trying to sell you on "hot" tactics from their portfolio which worked for them in the past, sometimes in a vastly different industry.

But square pegs won’t fit into round holes.

Yes, there are many repeatable elements and automation opportunities in building client relationships at scale. But it also takes patience, experience and focus to figure out what works for YOUR business, not for ‘the average business’.

My goal is to leverage automation and digital marketing — but only when it can help your business deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. 

It’s a process, not a ‘hack’. Relationships trump automation.

That’s why Scale XL blends customized client generation strategies into an approach that’s unique to YOUR niche market

The methodology I’ve developed is about targeting the right people, attracting them with relevant messaging, starting qualified relationships and conversations, and then optimizing your process for reliable ROI. 

Unfortunately, lead generation isn't usually viewed this way. In a simplistic, black and white world, every lead is the same.

But the reality is:

Only around 3% of your target market are sales-ready at any time

Which means the other 97% of your potential customers are NOT yet ready for a demo, or a call, or a meeting with you.

So you can’t ‘sell’ to these people yet – any attempt to do so risks turning them off forever.

(Or they’ll say yes to a demo out of curiosity, with no intention or even authority to buy – which is just a waste of your time and resources.)

Instead, you need a process for maximizing that 3% of qualified leads today, while nurturing the vast majority until they’re at that point too. A process that doesn’t ignore or alienate the 97%, but actively nurtures the relationship and moves them closer to you. 

Here’s how my Scale XL methodology helps niche B2B software & consulting businesses build more qualified client relationships:

Step 1

Develop a Client-Message fit

First we’ll define your Ideal Client Profile – the companies and people who are an ideal fit for your solution. This is a key early step towards improving ROI, because we focus on the 20% of clients who will generate 80% of your revenue, referrals and results.

I’ll help you uncover the information you need to communicate in a way that actually feels relevant to these people. 

This allows us to develop the right messages that speak deeply to your best clients, so you can position your product as an ideal solution to their biggest challenges. It’s the first critical step towards client generation with a reliable ROI.
Step 2

Start relationships on your clients’ terms

Remember: only 3% of your market is actively looking to buy. 

This means that, if all you do is ask people for a demo or call, you're effectively wasting 97% of your marketing effort and budget

I'll help you align your communication with the way buyers find, evaluate and purchase niche B2B products and services. This will allow you to meet your potential clients where they are in their discovery and decision journey AND help move them along by providing the exact information they need, at every stage. 

Gradually, they'll get to know, like and trust you.  

Step 3

Qualify conversation-ready clients

This step helps you focus your attention on prospects who you are most likely to win. 

A key objective of this step is to qualify sales-ready prospects and engage them with messaging that moves them to action — while nurturing those that need more time.

I'll help you qualify your prospect's fit with your business and how sales-ready they are, so we know the best way to further engage them 
with relevant, non–spammy messaging.

That means no more cold pitching, nor wasting your time on wrong contacts or people with no interest to buy. 
Step 4

Turn relationships into qualified conversations and new clients

This is where we'll turn those carefully built warm relationships into qualified client conversations that lead to projects and deals.  

Because of your unique positioning and a trust-building approach (that I'll help you develop), many more potential clients will take the initiative to reach out to you.

But we'll not leave that solely to a chance.

I'll help you engineer a client discovery experience that naturally leads to qualified conversations

I'll help you implement a nurturing process that builds on their existing engagement. With each relevant engagement, we'll gently offer them a next, personalized discovery step. We'll orchestrate these ongoing engagements to guide your clients towards conversations with you — that to prospects feel relevant and timely.

I'll help you always appear at the right place and at the right time, to help guide your clients — while letting them feel understood, respected and in control of the process.


Because that is the only way sophisticated modern buyers engage.

Because manipulation and mass outreach may give some short term results, but at a great cost to your brand. 

Because this approach will attract better clients who are in the right mindset and ready to partner with you to achieve exceptional client results. 

We got substantial amounts of leads…

“We were stuck in trying to prepare our first real outbound marketing efforts, and Vlad managed to get us up to speed in no time...

He demonstrated a very quick understanding of our business and the core messages we needed to get out... Bottom line: great way to work, and we got substantial amounts of leads out of this.”

– Stefan Kolle, Co-Founder Futurelab

Discover how to connect with more of your ideal customers at companies in YOUR niche

There’s no ‘quick fix’ for quality B2B client generation, and I won’t try to sell you one. Every business is unique, and deserves to be treated as such.

I’ve spent the past decade working closely with niche software and consulting business leaders who need an expert partner to help them create, implement and optimize a reliable process for generating opportunities and winning projects and deals. 

I don’t work like a standard agency– you won’t get passed around between account managers and junior marketers. 

It's just you, me, your team and your clients, every step of the way

You’ll get the benefit of my years of in-the-field business consulting experience, and we’ll customize my Scale XL client relationship building methodology for YOUR specific business.

That’s why I only work with a handful of niche B2B software and consulting companies who are interested in a long-term partnership and are ready to commit serious time and resources to grow their business.

Your next step:

To find out if my Scale XL process could work for you, get in touch today by answering the questions in the chat below.

If we’re a potential fit, I’ll invite you to join me on a no-strings discovery call where I’ll give you my honest assessment of how you could build more trusting client relationships for your niche software business or consulting company.

It’s possible I can help your business the way I’ve helped dozens of others – the first step to finding out is to tell me about your situation. Click the button below to get started.