In a group coaching program I once ran, there was a B2B company who hired three lead generation agencies: two did cold-calling (in two different countries), and the third ran lead generation ads.

They thought they were all set.

Our B2B businesses are being disrupted faster than we ever thought possible.

Technology and globalization landed us in a highly competitive environment without borders. Until recently, this meant having to battle for the attention of our clients and avoid the ‘race to bottom’.

But the recent crisis takes that to a completely new level.

In this emerging new world, companies will keep buying — but they’ll focus on what’s essential, will have more choice and will be more critical.

If you’re a niche B2B entrepreneur, you already know: you need to continuously build and nurture your network and generate leads, to regularly win high-value projects. The problem is, the way lead generation is done today is fundamentally broken.

Here's what you're up against:

On LinkedIn, there are more than 2,5 million startups and other tech and service companies in the software space alone.

And while not all of them are your direct competitors, many are competing for a piece of your prospect's mind, relying on 7000+ sales and marketing automation tools.

So the question becomes: how do you make a landing page that not only captures your prospect's attention in this noisy, over-marketed environment — but actually make them want to fill out your form?

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