If you’re a niche B2B entrepreneur, you already know: you need to continuously build and nurture your network and generate leads, to regularly win high-value projects. The problem is, the way lead generation is done today is fundamentally broken.

Here's what you're up against:

On LinkedIn, there are more than 2,5 million startups and other tech and service companies in the software space alone.

And while not all of them are your direct competitors, many are competing for a piece of your prospect's mind, relying on 7000+ sales and marketing automation tools.

So the question becomes: how do you make a landing page that not only captures your prospect's attention in this noisy, over-marketed environment — but actually make them want to fill out your form?

Attention is at a premium. You are just one of the many fighting for a piece of your prospect’s mind.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if your prospects are unaware of it.

All of your sweat, blood and tears have come down to this: how effectively can you paint a picture of a better world in your prospect’s mind’s eye?

You don’t want to waste your time and money building a product no one will want to use or pay for. So, first get out of the building and talk to your customers.

But there’s a world of difference between talk and action. What your customers say, and what they eventually do. Talking, and putting the product in their hands. And yes: asking money for it.

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