B2B Lead Generation: How to Attract the Right Prospects Even if They Are not Ready to Buy

How do you attract new prospects today? Many companies we work with do one or more of the following.

They do cold calling, go to networking events and visit trade shows. The challenge with these face-to-face interactions is that they are difficult to scale. In addition, after a successful event, you are left with a stack of business cards. You focus your limited time on hot contacts, people who showed real interest. The others will soon forget all about you.

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How to Capture B2B Leads and Make Them Thank You For It

Attracting prospects to your website is just the very beginning of their journey.

I want you to think about this: how does it feel to search for something online? You visit several web sites, try different search queries, click many links…

Along the way you many pages that are irrelevant to you. It’s quite frustrating, when you think about it. It can feel like such a waste of time. So, how fast do you decide whether a web page is relevant for you?

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B2B Growth Hacking: How to Keep Growing Your Small Business Without Millions in Marketing Budgets

Why do you think some companies are more successful than others?

Often, because they do things differently than most of their competitors.

If all you do to get new customers is what everyone else is doing, your growth will likely be painstakingly slow.
Today I want you to get creative. You can leverage what you have and what you are naturally good at to create new streams of business for your company, or boost the existing ones.

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4 Little Known-Numbers That Make or Break Your Business

“After closely watching several hundred companies that have failed, I observed that a very large number of these had solved the product/market fit problem, but still failed because they had not found a way to acquire customers at a low enough cost…”

David Skok, five times serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist.

A growth engine is a beautiful thing. But as any other engine, it needs fuel to run. Every step has a cost. And with every step, you lose some prospects.

Let’s look at an example. Warning: if you don’t particularly like numbers, I still urge you to keep watching. You simply cannot build a viable growth engine without this basic understanding.

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How should Innovators Really Talk to their Customers?

How should Innovators Really Talk to their Customers?

Make this moment count

You should listen to your customers. No, you shouldn’t, because “if I asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said: faster horses” (Henry Ford).

So, what is it?

Here’s the deal.With an innovation, you are trying to discover, build and tune the fine mechanics of a business model.

Business model is a machine that will repeatably acquire customers, and delight them enough to part with their hard earn money.

And at the center of this discovery process is a very human customer. And a very human activity: talking to them.

Yet, Mr. Ford was right: you cannot outsource your innovation to your customers. You cannot just go out and ask: what product should I build?

Here’s how to – and how not to  – do it.

#1 Don’t Sell, Convince or (God Forbid!), Argue. Listen

This is as obvious as it is easily forgotten.

In our eagerness to convince, we may ruin the opportunity to learn.

We need the customer to feel encouraged to give us their honest opinion and feedback, rather than defend themselves or argue.

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5 Reasons Why Solving the Right Problem Can Make You Rich

5 Reasons Why Solving the Right Problem Can Make You Rich

How a must have product impacts your customer

We’ve all heard this one: build a pain killer, not a vitamin. A must have, not a nice to have. Solving the right problem for the right customer – if you do it right – will get you rich.

It’s (almost) as simple as that.

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Traditional Marketing is Dead – Long Live Bikini Waxer Marketing

Traditional Marketing is Dead – Long Live Bikini Waxer Marketing

This is one of the most difficult challenges your business will face. Standing out in the sea of messages bombarding your customer, and grabbing their attention.

And then, showing them you have just what they need, and building enough trust so they are ready to hear your offer.

And if you are building a scalable business, you need to find a way to do that en masse. You know that walking around your neighborhood and randomly knocking on doors is not going to work. But what will?

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