Hi There,

My name is Vlad.

I wanted to share a couple of thoughts on something that we don’t often talk about. I will be bearing my soul here in just a minute, and I hope you can appreciate that.

What always knocks me off my feet, is the entrepreneur’s dedication to something bigger than themselves.

Let’s face it.

You spent a hefty chunk of your life building your product. You believed when others were doubting. You persevered even when your belief was fading away.

It may seem that running a business is all about cold numbers and cash. And as a business owner, you do not take that specific responsibility lightly.

But in many ways, money is just a means to an end, a way to “keep score”. And when customers pay for your product, it’s a proof that you are creating value for them.

And that’s really the key, isn’t it? The value you’re creating for your customers. The impact you are making.

Being able to help you connect with your best new customers has a several layers of meaning for me:

  • I get to make an impact on you, the entrepreneur
  • Impact on one of the most important challenges—of one of the important missions in your life
  • And ON TOP OF THAT, as I help you get new customers, I’m contributing to the impact you’re creating for them

That’s why I like to say that I believe in creating meaningful impact for entrepreneurs, so you can add real value to this world.

But it took me a LONG TIME to get here…

The year was 1999. I was a research assistant in a war torn country. Bombs were dropping on my home town. I was making less than $100 per month and still had to live with my parents.

So when I went searching for a job abroad, I thought it was for the money. To escape the misery. And surely, I had to do something about becoming financially independent.

What I didn’t know back then was that my drive was deeper.

In two weeks time, I landed a job at SONY. I was programming the next digital television set. The high-end TV back then was a huge CRT set that weighed like 80 kilos / 180 pounds.

Building a product felt better. The impact I was making was in front of me, software code that helped the product run.

But still, something was missing. I felt removed from the people I was building for.

So when I started working as a tech innovation consultant 6 years later, I discovered something new. I was now working directly with the customer. I was helping them with something important.

And then I started meeting the entrepreneurs who were behind the products. Oh my, did that fire me up. These people were different than anybody I ever met. They were brave. They had built these businesses from scratch. Wow.

What I still didn’t get was that I was totally enamoured with the massive amount of impact they were making.

And there was something else. It turned out I was really good at selling. Boy, did a successful sale get me all pumped full of dopamine. That was a major impact right there.

At the same time, I started to feel the itch. You know, the itch to start something myself. Who, me? A boy from a communist country, who had a total of zero entrepreneur role-models growing up?

Apparently, I really didn’t have much choice in the matter. The drive was too strong.

After going through several iterations (and a lot of falling and getting up, just like my son Luka while he was learning to walk), I ended up combining my two greatest passions: contributing to entrepreneurs while they are making their massive impact, AND making an impact of my own: helping them get new business.

Your life’s work, making a difference.

If you got this far, I can only say thank you. Thanks for letting me share my story, and I hope I get the chance to repay you by helping you in making the difference.