About Vlad,
founder of Scale XL

My name is Vladimir Blagojevic, and I work with niche B2B consulting and software businesses who want a reliable process for building qualified client relationships based on trust. 

Why do I do this work?

For too many niche B2B entrepreneurs, ineffective lead generation is a drain on their time and resources.

It pains me to see the hard-working founders, owners and managing partners not getting the traction they know their product deserves. Or worse yet, when, lured by a promise of quick results, they end up burning many more bridges than the relevant conversations they started.

And I hate that our industry is putting out such a massive amount of irrelevant communication (and not shy away from manipulation)  — that the true value often cannot find its way to its ideal audience. This is bad for our B2B entrepreneurs, bad for their clients, and bad for the society as a whole. 

I believe there is a much better way, and it's as old as the humanity itself

Instead on focusing on numbers, automation and scale alone, we need to prioritize building trusting client relationships. 

And this is too important to me to leave to a chance. Because done right, it can accelerate a niche business’ growth, create more value  — and leave everyone involved feeling happier and more fulfilled — than when we treat each other as mere transactions

That’s the kind of impact that drives me to partner with my clients. 

So I developed a customizable process to help these businesses finally identify, nurture and qualify their ideal clients – month after month, consistently and reliably.

That means no more cold calling, no more wasting time on people who aren’t decision makers, and no more spammy or manipulative tactics that hurt your brand.

Now the companies I work with are able to boost their growth with a reliable, ongoing relationship building process they can use even after our engagement. It’s my goal to enable my clients to use what I teach and implement in their businesses, so they can achieve scalable growth more easily.

I’m an entrepreneur like you

20 years ago I worked as a researcher, then a software engineer. But the closer I got to technology, the more I realized it was really about people...

The people behind the technology, and the ideas and stories which connected them, and ultimately helped make their lives and businesses better.

That’s what really drove me forward. I recognized my fellow entrepreneurial spirits, and determined to help them achieve their dreams.

When I later worked as a tech innovation consultant, I began combining my practical skills and knowledge with an ability to bring people closer together: founders with other founders, business owners with their prospects, to help their life’s work make a real difference to the world.

I founded Scale XL in 2011 to create new ways of doing that

Since then I’ve been fortunate to help some incredible entrepreneurs maximize the potential of their ideas, their products and their services – by connecting them with the right people and giving them the tools, training and processes to keep doing it consistently.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool, but it’s just one part of a relationships building process. 
Yes, I believe that “what doesn’t get automated, doesn’t get done”, but a sole focus on automation can make you focus on the wrong things, sound like a robot, be irrelevant or otherwise erode client trust.

My methodology is about understanding – it’s important for me to get to know you, your customers and your products or services. Too many marketing companies promising ‘automated systems’ forget that – at a cost to the businesses they work with.

Who do I work with?

I enjoy helping niche B2B software and consulting companies built hundreds of client releationships, enter new international markets and craft more effective ways to position their business in the marketplace.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful businesses such as Brighteye, Babelway, Futurelab and Ready2Improve, and on projects for the likes of Microsoft, Delhaize and the European Commission.

I’m based in Spain and Belgium and focus on helping European companies grow their business across our continent and beyond. I’m also a coach & mentor for two innovation accelerators and have co-founded Lean Startup and Growth Hacking communities in Belgium.

Because of the one-on-one nature of my work, I’m able to work closely with just a handful of new clients each year...
If you’re interested in finding out if we’re a good fit, and whether my process can help grow your niche business by focusing on trust instead of numbers, the first step is to answer a few questions by clicking the button below.