Niche B2B software and consulting companies:

Lead generation is not enough.

If you’re running an ambitious B2B software or consulting company, you already know:

Your niche B2B business needs a consistent flow of qualified sales opportunities

But relying on your own network and occasional referrals can only get you so far — especially in a niche market.
And without a clear strategy for getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time, you can end up stuck in a slow, expensive cycle of hit & miss marketing.

That is because "lead generation" is an incomplete process...

Getting someone’s attention through mass outreach doesn’t make them a sales opportunity – that’s just a numbers game that sacrifices trust for short-term results.

Done right, connecting to your ideal clients is about more than just numbers, it’s about people...

It’s about creating, nurturing and selling through trusting relationships with targeted, key decision makers in your specific niche.

If you’re not yet getting enough ROI from your efforts to connect with potential clients, it could be time you tried something different...

My name is Vladimir Blagojevic, and I work with niche B2B consulting and software businesses who want a reliable process to predictably fill their pipeline with high-value clients. 

I’ll be 100% honest with you:

There is no ‘silver bullet’ for winning high-value clients

Especially in niche, complex B2B environments, where winning clients requires their trust. Spamming your audience with the same message or relying on manipulative tactics is a sure way to erode trust with your potential buyers. 

In order to regularly generate quality sales opportunities, win more projects and work with better clients who value your expertise, you need to shift your focus away from ineffective lead generation. 

You need to stop thinking about it as a numbers game. 

You need to focus on building trust with your future clients through reputation and relationships. 

And if your business is anything like the dozens of niche B2B software and consulting companies I’ve helped before, it’s likely that my Scale XL methodology could help you do just that.

And if we are a good fit, you’ll finally be able to build relationships with the RIGHT people over the long-term  – without wasting valuable time and resources on the ‘wrong’ contacts or unqualified leads.
My Scale XL process could help you build relationships with more key decision makers in your market by targeting, attracting and nurturing YOUR ideal clients, not someone else’s...

It doesn’t cost money, it creates money…

“In my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, this was the most useful, the best proven ROI, and the easiest to implement marketing action I have ever taken...

Vlad helped us generate 160 sales opportunities with decision makers in companies like BMW, Total and BASF in only 3 months... and unlike with any other approach I tried, these leads were warm and in the right mindset for the solutions we offer.”

– Wouter Goris, CEO Ready2Improve

Actual opportunities Scale XL helped generate include decision makers from:

How to avoid the expensive client-getting mistakes many B2B niche companies make

Most niche B2B businesses (and the marketing agencies they sometimes hire) treat every potential lead the same way...

That’s a crucial mistake.

Because around 97% of the companies they’re targeting simply aren’t ready to make a buying decision... yet.
Only 3% of your market is ready to buy, Chet Holmes
By trying to ‘sell’ to people who aren’t even thinking about buying, this approach can be perceived as ‘spammy’ – which burns bridges with potential future customers before they’ve even been built.

To make matters worse, many B2B companies waste time and money trying to reach the wrong contacts: people who have no real influence on buying decisions.

Meanwhile, they’re getting left behind by their competitors.

But that’s how building client relationships at scale is different:

It helps you identify actual key decision makers at companies in your specific niche... assess which are sales-ready opportunities... and actively nurture the others, so when the time is right, you’re at the top of their mind.

That means you’re constantly 
building key relationships and generating qualified sales opportunities — without turning off people who aren’t yet ready to discuss your service.

And unlike the limited inbound or outbound marketing ‘hacks’ or 'systems', which are really one-size-fits-all approches that usually overpromise and underdeliver, I can work with you to develop a tried and tested ‘allbound’ B2B strategy for your business that goes beyond just tactics and hacks.

Interested in finding out how to locate and connect with your best future customers?

See how niche B2B businesses are generating qualified sales opportunities with Scale XL

We got substantial amounts of leads…

“We were stuck in trying to prepare our first real proactive marketing efforts, and Vlad managed to get us up to speed in no time...

He demonstrated a very quick understanding of our business and the core messages we needed to get out... Bottom line: great way to work, and we got substantial amounts of leads out of this.”

– Stefan Kolle, Co-Founder Futurelab

Connecting B2B entrepreneurs with their ideal clients since 2011

Hi, I’m Vlad – Founder of Scale XL.

I’m dedicated to helping niche B2B software and consulting companies build the right relationships and generate a consistent flow of sales opportunities, using a non-spammy process that identifies, attracts and qualifies your ideal customers.

I’d like to help you better connect with the key decision makers at businesses in YOUR target market – so your company, products and services get the traction you knowthey deserve.


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